I was sitting in a pub with a group of my friends from home. We’re a pretty mixed bunch. Chatting away we start talking about university, (as nearly all of us go) and one friend says “I don’t believe people that go to MET unis work as hard.”
            I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, especially as some of our friends go to metropolitan universities. He saw the horror in my face and apologised. My university is no Russell Group university.
            And yet I don’t wish I would have gone anywhere else. I chose my university for many reasons.

It was one of the closest to home and easiest to travel to.
It gave one of the best open days.
The course included more things I was already interested in.
And it included a term abroad, compared to either a whole year or not going away at all.

            Of course, there are some careers that do take what university you went to and what course you did into consideration, but for many it’s not that important and they will be much more interested in the experience you have.

            University is at least a 3 year commitment, so make sure you are somewhere, doing something you’re going to enjoy.