Brooklyn Nine-nine

Easily one of my favourite comedies ever. And Jake Peralta could be a separate favourite.

Scented candles

I know loads of people that have always loved candles and incense, but I’m only just getting into them and I love having the candlelight and the lovely smells in my room. 


As I’m in my final year as a student I am fully taking advantage of my student loan and student discount, I think I may even have an addiction. I have bought more clothes and shoes in the last few months than I ever have!

New Look

Following on nicely after shopping, New Look is my current favourite shop. Nearly every I have brought lately is from there, it is entrapment whenever I walk through!

Make up

Over my birthday and Christmas I got bought so much new and make up and a brand new make-up brush set. Not much of it was high end but I love it anyway!

Fairy lights

I just think they make a room look so cosy, but I always make sure I only buy battery powered, LED ones so as to avoid any fire hazards.


As I said in my 2015 highlights I finally passed my test and driving around not for a lesson or test has made me realise how much I actually like driving. And how much I love blasting my music and having a sing along too.

Wall hanging

My walls at home are covered in photos, magazine clippings, cards, postcards etc etc. So when it came to my uni room I could not deal with bare walls but it would take forever to remake what I have at home so instead I ordered a wall hanging and the pattern is beautiful and bright and made an easy decoration!


My Pinterest and Tumblr are full of corgis, especially puppies! But looking at pictures just makes me want one all the more.