1.     The worst sleeping pattern – of course working in a nightclub means working nights, getting home at 8a.m. does not equal a decent night of beauty sleep. It does however mean a maccies breakfast on the way home.

2.     Clean up is long – every bottle has to be moved, every side has to be wiped down, every cup has to be washed. It is not a quick job.

3.     Getting hit on constantly – sounds flattering but it’s far from it when it’s drunken men. Telling you your smile is lovely, absolutely fine. Trying to grab you and kiss you, definitely not fine. Make use of the bouncers.

4.     The same songs every day – make sure you’re working in a club that you can stand the music they play, way more enjoyable when you can have a dance and sing along.

5.     The rudest customers – I’m sure most people in any job have to deal with rude customers, but hopefully not drunken rude customers. Clicking in your face to get your attention, shouting at you because you served one other person before them, not fun.

6.     You need super hearing – trying to take drink orders over the blaring music is not easy. You will need to clarify multiple times what drink they asked for. Or don’t be afraid to point and hold drinks up for confirmation.

Image from WeHeartIt