I am not a serious blogger. I do it for fun when I think of an interesting (to some) idea for a post. This means my posts are sporadic.

Therefore I am setting myself a challenge to post every day for a week. I will then be off to Barcelona to visit my friend so won’t be active.

But it will give me a chance to see what type of posts I am most pleased with, so please don’t hesitate to give your opinion! It will also encourage me to get writing more, if I can do 7 posts in a week I can definitely start writing more.

Here’s what is in store:

Day 1 – This post. Yes, technically cheating. But it is also technically a post so I’m counting it.

Day 2 – Things you will get over

Day 3 – Why I won’t do make up or hair tutorials despite my love for beauty

Day 4 – Baby fever…or not

Day 5 – Assessment style interview

Day 6 – My bedroom walls

Day 7 – TBC

As I’ve said, please give as much feedback on any posts!