The noisy eater – no doubt the most annoying people during a journey. It’s gross and so so irritating.

The ill person – coughing and blowing their noses the whole, not a problem as long as they’re not right next to you to pass on their germs.

The reader – the best type of commuter. (Me)

The loud laugher – We get it, you’re enjoying your conversation, but it’s not all that fun for us loners.

The phone caller – some people talk way too loudly about things no one else should hearing. Also if you’re on a train to/from Birmingham please don’t act shocked when you get cut off in the tunnel.

The worker – there is nearly always someone typing away at their laptop. Commitment. Or last minute.

The person with their music too loud – if the whole coach can hear it through your earphones you might want to get your hearing tested.

The family – most often lovely, but as someone not all that fond of children it isn’t much appreciated when they scream the entire journey.  

The luggage carrier – there is always that one person with a massive suitcase that won’t fit in the overhead space and the racks are all taken, thus the person leaves it blocking the entire. 

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