I’m sure I have many annoying habits but this is the most typical one.

Biting my nails.

It’s gross I know, I regularly get reminded of how much dirt gets trapped under your nails. But I honestly do try to stop. I once was told that if you stop for 3 months you’re likely to break the habit but I can go even longer than that and I will still return to biting them.

I tried using Stop’n Grow but found it made everything you eat with your hands taste disgusting too. So now I always have to paint my nails to prevent myself from biting them. I’ll finally grow them but now they are so weak they break by themselves anyway. Then once the varnish is off for longer than a day the habit is back.

Like most girl I have a million nail varnishes and I never stick to the same make as there are so many good ones out there. I’m currently using a strengthener as well.

I’ve considered acrylic nails but I hear they are really bad for your nails once you take them off. 

Nerves and boredom definitely increase the biting, but no matter what I do I can’t seem to break the habit for good!