Career change can be done at any age
Chandler doesn’t change jobs until quite late in the show and his experience shows the stigma surrounding his age yet he still goes on to get a good job in his chosen field.

You should do something you enjoy
As you witness Rachel’s struggle to move on from waitressing and Chandler’s hate for his Data Processing job you realise you need to be in a job that you love.

Getting fired isn’t the end of the world
Nearly all of the FRIENDS characters get fired at some point but they all get back on their feet. It may be just a TV show, but it does happen!

You won’t be the same person you were in high school
And so you shouldn’t be. As Monica and Rachel reunite with people they went to school with they see how much they have changed and how little some other people have (Chip) Not just Monica’s weight, but Rachel’s attitude to life.

Relationships out of friendships can work, but not always
Monica and Chandler end up perfectly but Rachel and Joey have much less success, it all depends on how compatible two people are, just be careful not to ruin a good friendship.

Occasionally you may have to prove your love and loyalty if you make a mistake
There are always times when people make a bad decision that may upset a close friend, maybe you won’t have to get inside a box to prove your loyalty sometimes a gesture can reassure people.

Blood isn’t always thicker than water
Not all of the FRIENDS have good relationships with their families and so the group seem stronger than many of the bonds with relatives.

Enjoy your 20's – but remember your life doesn’t end at 30!