Of course, like every other smartphone out there I have all of the generic social apps out there: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, Tumblr, Pinterest and who doesn’t love a bit of Snapchat? I probably use them all more on the apps than the actual websites. I also have Goodreads app which may not be a social app but I downloaded the app to keep up-to-date with threads.


iPhones obviously come with the Mail app but as I have so many different emails I also have the Outlook and the Gmail apps too. I know some people that use the Outlook app instead of the Mail because it’s better for organisation. It’s true so I use it for my more professional email which I use for jobs etc.


I rarely play games on my phone and if I do I end up deleting them because I waste too much time on them. Currently I only have Blitz (which is a bit like candy crush just with jewels) Lumosity and Peak which are both brain training apps and QuizUp because I have an addiction to knowing everything there is to know about Friends.


The eBay app has a lot of explaining to do to my bank account, but I also have Amazon, New Look and UNIDAYS to not only find out about sales and offers but it’s also easier to get a code or show shops to get student discount.


We Heart It mainly to find pictures to use for blog posts if I don’t have any good ones of my own and VSCO to edit photos.


Lloyds Bank app – for ages I put off joining the online banking world but I was so wrong, having the app makes everything so much easier from transfers just to keeping track of your spending. National Rail app – I’m on the train every week and have to make a change so the app is great for knowing what platform to be on and if there are any delays etc. I also have the Tube Map app as my sister now lives in London I need to get the hang of the tube. After using the Notes app to make lists I found the much more efficient Wunderlist which allows you to tick things off with a simple click. Timehop and Countdown apps to look both at memories and things to look forward to, however I often forget to add upcoming events onto my Countdown. Finally, one app I downloaded after reading about was Rx Breakup as I did in fact go through a break up. Whilst I can see the benefit of this app if people take it seriously, I did not and I go weeks without looking at it despite it being aimed to look at daily for a month. Definitely need to be deleting.