1.    Study abroad America
As part of my university degree I was able to spend a semester studying in Michigan. I came back with 3 A’s towards my degree.

2.    Covering 10 States
Whilst I was in America I did a fair bit of travelling and managed to visit Michigan, Illinois, Florida, Virginia, Louisiana, Texas, California, Colorado, New York, Massachusetts and Washington D.C.

3.    Leaving England 6 times
Along with my trip to America I also went to Croatia, Amsterdam, Bulgaria, Frankfurt and Dublin.

4.    Passing driving test
After a year and a half (minus the time I was in America) of lessons I finally passed my test and my sister insured me on her car.

5.    Volunteering again

I enjoyed volunteering so much that when I moved into my uni house in Derby I decided to start again and found an organisation that runs breakfast and lunch mornings/afternoons for homeless people and people who suffer from addictions.