1.      Halls of Residence
·         One of the best ways to meet new people during Fresher’s Week before lectures have started
·         Get you started being more independent
·         All-inclusive bills to take away some of the stress of moving away from home
·         Most provide a cleaner for communal areas every week or every fortnight
·         On-site managers to ensure safety
·         As they are connected to the university they will either be close to where lectures will be or there will be a bus service

·         Luck of the draw on what sort of housemates you will get
·         If you enjoy your parties sometimes halls are not the best as you can often get noise complaints

2.      Living at Home
·         Don’t have to move away from family
·         Easy way to save money
·         Can use commute as time to study

·         Commute may not be desirable if having to travel at peak times or long distance
·         Less opportunities to meet new people
·         Depending how far you have to travel events may not always be easy to attend

3.      Private Accommodation
·         More independency
·         More freedom in terms of visitors and noise (depending on neighbours)
·         Choose your own housemates
·         Universities often have approved companies or landlords

·         In charge of all own bills
·         All own cleaning

4.      Study Abroad
·         Amazing experience
·         Looks great on CV
·         New and challenging

·         Potential language barriers

·         Less opportunities to go home or visit friends