I am one of the most girly-girls I know. I adore make up. I’m buying new dresses all the time. I’m pretty much the only girl I know that loves pink and I’m obsessed with my hair.

And yet I find it incredibly hard to form close friendships with girls. I have a wonderful relationship with my sister and my group of just three girls at home mean the world to me. But other than that girls just do not seem to want to get to know me.

So at university this year I have lived with 4 boys and 1 girl and spend most of the time being the only girl. And I hate it. So here’s why.

1.      Boys are rubbish with helping decide outfits. (I have one exception to this)

2.      They don’t understand if I talk about make-up. Or care.

3.      Same with my hair.

4.      I have no one to dress up with.

5.      I can’t moan about feminine things like time of the month.

6.      Girls’ night just doesn’t exist.

7.      Everyone assumes you’re with one of the guys, a lesbian or a slut. None of the above, it just so happens they’re boys.

8.      Constant football and gaming talks. I don’t mind watching or going for a kick-about or playing a couple of games on the X-box or play station, but I can’t talk about them 24/7.

9.      Boys generally aren’t as clean. How about you wash up before you leave for the weekend?

10.  They don’t appreciate my Sex and the City references.

11.  They’re not great with advice. Pretend listening they’re generally quite good at.

Despite all of these, I wouldn’t change my friends for anything. It would just be nice to have more of a balance.