1.   Sunsets and sunrise
Whenever I go on holiday I have to go down to the beach to watch the sunset, but anywhere the sky can turn wonderful colours.

2.   City lights
At night any city can look nice with all its lights. Even Birmingham.

3.   Starting a new book
Not many people seem to understand my love for a fresh book, and it’s not just the excitement of a new story, I actually love the feel of new books!

4.   Organised desk/room
For me this isn’t exactly a simple pleasure as my room is unbearably messy 95% of the time, but on the rare occasions it’s tidy I feel great accomplishment.

5.   Favourite smells
Anything from your favourite perfume to flowers or that smell of a certain someone.

6.   Hugs & kisses from the boyfriend
A very soppy pleasure, but there isn’t much that competes with how comforting a cuddle or a kiss on the forehead can be.

7.   Filling a photo album/scrapbook
It takes me ages to finally print enough photos and go to the effort of putting them all in albums but it is so worth it once complete.

8.   Compliments
Ironically I often get criticised for how I respond to compliments, however I still maintain a simple compliment can mean a lot. Even as simple as “I like your bracelet” or “you look nice today” anything that shows you were noticed.