All pictures from quizzes I took on Blogthings

It’s now been a year since I started this blog, I’m still nowhere near comfortable with blogging but I’m hoping this next year I can make some big improvements. For now though, here are a few facts about me.

1.       I don’t have a middle name.
2.       I finish university in less than 2 weeks and graduate in July.
3.       I have the most amazing relationship with my mom + sister.
4.       I still don’t know what career I want.
5.       I love to sing and dance.
6.       I have hair extensions.
7.       I leave everything until the last minute.
8.       My bedroom walls are covered in photos, magazine clippings, cards etc.
9.       I’m way too sentimental.
10.   I love Shakespeare.
11.   I constantly get told how short I am. (I’m around 5’1”)
12.   I don’t like anything soppy.
13.   I want to learn either French or Spanish.
14.   I would also like to have singing lessons.
15.   I hate cooking.
16.   I quote films and t.v. programmes too much.
17.   I’m scared of spiders and birds.
18.   I spend a lot of time on social media so feel free to follow me and I’ll follow back! (TwitterInstagramTumblr)
19.   I want to move house, but still with my mom, I just need a bigger room.
20.   I used to be blonde, and sometimes even I forget.
21.   I love wearing a dress and heels.
22.   Most of my wardrobe is black and white.
23.   I don’t drink tea or coffee.
24.   I’m only 21 but already wish I was 18 again.
25.   I don’t have a single piercing or any tattoos.