There comes a week or two in every semester that is full of stress and panic among nearly every sixth form and university student I know.

Let’s face it, us students are masters of leaving everything until the last minute. No matter how many times we are told, or even tell ourselves, to plan and do a little bit at a time leaving time to check over everything at the end, we still have a mad rush to hand in an essay on time.
I hear endless stories of all-night library sessions or how work was submitted with barely a minute to spare before the deadline.
And yet the habit never dies. After the sheer relief once every piece of work has been completed, only a few months later are we back repeating the same process all over again.

Even those I know who absolutely love what they are studying do the exact same thing.

Procrastination has become a term we all understand far too well. I personally procrastinate to the point at which I will dust and tidy everything so that at least if I’m not doing work I’m still doing something useful.

So as everyone is nearing the end of their semesters know you are not the only ones struggling to finish this year!