These tips are aimed at hospitality job interviews.

1.     Smile! May seem obvious to some but if you suffer from resting bitch face you may need to pay more attention and make sure to smile.

2.     Talk to other interviewees – You’ll probably be asked to talk to others but the interviewers will be paying attention to how well you interact with them. Be interested in getting to know them, you may see them as competition but forget about that. Meeting new people is always fun!

3.     Don’t overthink tasks – Most of the time they are looking at how well you work as a team rather than how well you actually do at the task.

4.     Think about your own experiences when using similar services – it’s likely you’ll be asked what you think customers expect. So say exactly what you expect if you were the customer.

5.     Be yourself – There is no point trying to be something you’re not. If you get the job you’ll have to put on a front a lot longer than the interview.