1.     Failing an exam – at school tests can feel like the most important things in the world. You’ll soon realise they aren’t. Most exams you can retake so just take it in your stride and keep trying until you pass.

2.     Failing your driving test – I failed twice and I was shocked at just how down it made me. But after talking to other friends who had failed a driving test I realised I wasn’t alone. Yeah it would have been nice to pass first time and would have saved me a lot of money, but I’ve been driving for nearly a year now so the failed tests don’t matter.

3.     Not getting into your first choice university – now for me I didn’t even have an insurance uni because my chosen choice had the lowest requirements so it didn’t make sense. My sister on the other hand did 5 A Levels (3 of which were A’s) and didn’t get into her top choice. Did it make a difference? Not at all. She enjoyed university, got a 2:1 Masters in Maths and met her current boyfriend.

4.     Losing something valuable (money wise) – when I was 15, I stupidly left my bag on a wall, realised and ran back to get it 10 minutes later but it was gone. I lost everything valuable other than my phone. My iPod, my camera and many other things were completely gone. I was heartbroken. But within a year or so I’d asked for replacements as presents and took better care of everything.

5.     Not getting a job – now I can understand for some people they may have one specific dream job for a specific dream company so it may feel like the end of the world to not get it. But all you need to do is try and get feedback and keep working towards it or maybe see it as a reason to try something else for a while and who knows you may love it more than you realised.

6.     Missing out on an event – when I was younger if my mum ever dragged me to something on a day my friends were going out I would be over the top gutted to miss out. Which is so silly really because it wouldn’t be long until the next event.

7.     A slip in your diet or exercise regime – so what if you had a McDonalds or piece of cake. That doesn’t mean you need to give up or feel ashamed for giving in. Call it a cheat day and carry on the next day.

8.     Arguments – I read not long ago if you’re not going to be mad about something in 5 years, don’t spend longer than 5 minutes being mad. Of course at the time it can feel like a huge deal and yes you should let someone know if there’s a problem but realistically most arguments won’t last.