I can spend hours watching videos of hair and make-up tutorials and I watch in fascination and jealously. Bloggers are often encouraged to expand their blog into videos for YouTube and the like. But it’s just not for me and here are some reasons why.

1.     My Face – I lose respect for anyone that feels they can make negative comments about a person’s appearance, but as someone who can’t step foot out the house without make-up on I don’t think I could put my face out there and risk the negative comments.

2.     I’m not that creative – so much is already out there, I get most of my make-up techniques from videos I’ve watched so I’d just be copying. I adore my hair but there’s not much I do with it in terms of style, it’s usually curly and loose. Or in a ponytail when I go the gym.

3.     My voice – I’ve heard myself recorded and I torture my friends with endless rambling. I don’t think the internet needs to hear it too.

4.     My lack of product – it would not take very long for me to show every beauty product I have, whilst I know tutorials are often about the look not the product I feel it would get tiresome seeing the same products used all the time.