1.     Delays – As if the 2 hour check-in wasn’t bad enough.

2.     Failed technology – those machines that scan your passport, great if they work, really irritating when they don’t.

3.     People leaving bottles of drink in their bag – there are signs everywhere and it seriously holds up the queues at security.

4.     The rush to the plane – we have allocated seats why are you running to be at the front?

5.     Turbulence – if you’re afraid of flying more scary than annoying. If you’ve been on enough flights to know it’s usually nothing major it’s annoying, especially if people *cough cough children* scream their heads off.

6.     Getting stuck behind the trolley – going to or from the toilet and ending up behind the trollies then having to wait and move along with it all the to your seat is not fun.

7.     Aeroplane toilets – they are far too small and let’s be honest, they do sound like they’re going to suck you out of the plane when you flush.

8.     Sitting on the aisle with people that constantly get up – up, down, up, down.

9.     Not being able to put your luggage near you – sometimes people bring way too much on the plane and take all the overhead space.

10. No enough in the airport – like I said, the waiting time in airports is already painful, nowhere to get food or anything to do is unbearable. Not enough seats so everyone all over the floor. Not enough toilets so the queues are immense. Not fun.

11.  When your luggage is the last to come through – everyone gets to start their holiday or head straight home and you’re still waiting to see your suitcase.

12. Lack of leg room – I’m tiny and I still don’t feel comfortable with the lack of room you get on a plane.

Of course these aren’t enough to put me off jumping on a plane to somewhere! Is there anything you find annoying about travelling?