1.  Freedom
In every sense of the word! Freedom to come and go whenever you like, eat and sleep whenever you want and generally do whatever, whenever you want. Long holidays and not that much contact time means as long as you’re not neglecting university work you have the time to go on more trips away.

2.  Night Life
If like me you love to dress up, sing and dance, having the excuse to go out every week just because it’s a student night is great.

3.  Student loan + Discounts
I’ve recently felt like such a shopaholic and whilst of course you have to be responsible for money, student discounts allow some leeway.  

4.  Mixing with new people
Nearly everyone you meet is your own age and once you’re in work it’s unlikely you’re going to experience that again. University life is all about the people you meet from all over the country and even the world.

5.  Visiting friends at other universities

University may be a great place to meet new people but it’s also a great excuse to visit new cities where old friends are now living too.