I used to love swimming but it always seemed like such a long process afterwards so I was really lazy, now I’m driving I have little excuse so I aim to go at least once a week whenever I am home.

I’m already a gym member but hopefully no matter what I do after university I will be able to keep it up.

Photo albums
I have so many packs of photos I got printed just lying around, I aim to get them all in albums.

I haven’t drawn since GCSE Art, but it turns out I didn’t actually mind it and wasn’t that bad at it.

I already volunteer but want to continue for at least another year after I graduate.

All I ever have time to read is books set for uni work, I really miss being able to get lost in a book that I don’t have to then analyse.

My friend always has the most creative nails that look great, I’d love to start making mine better and hopefully it will help me stop biting them!

Finally, I would love to bake more, as my family and I all have a major sweet tooth.

Learn a Language

I’m still trying to decide what language but I aim to learn one well enough to be comfortable to speak it.