Single or taken, you can still love or hate Valentine’s Day. I personally have never fully celebrated it even when I have been in a relationship. I’m not one for soppy things and I cannot lie some of things you see in shops for are so cringe it is unreal. 

            It seems to have people talking regardless. Whether they’re excited, complaining or complaining about people complaining. It’s hard to avoid. Shops are full of red, fluffy things, hearts galore and restaurants are packed out with every couple in town. But is it worth celebrating?

            The same argument could be pitched against Christmas or most other holidays for that matter. They’re all very commercialised now. You have to go out buy a card, presents, flowers, chocolates and whatever else for your significant other and maybe go out for a romantic date. Money, money, money.

            Should we only show our appreciation one day of the year?  There is also the argument against Mother’s and Father’s Day.

            My thoughts are no, of course not. You should always show appreciation, but it’s not every day you can afford to buy presents. Some days people are going to have to settle for a thank you or a kiss. So yes Valentine’s Day is a little cheesey, but I think it’s nice to have excuses to splash out on someone you care about and tell them how much they mean to you. The same goes for anniversaries and birthdays.

            On a final note, for anyone single out there it’s a perfect excuse to eat a whole cake and blame it on being single, even if you love the single life.