My mom went away for a week with her boyfriend to Copenhagen, leaving me in the house alone. Here are a few things I realised during that week:

1.     I’m not good on my own. I say I was alone, I had a friend stay with me for two nights, one of which was a night out. And then nearly every other day I went out or had people round, turns out I really don’t like an empty house.

2.     I wasn’t that scared at night. After having a night alone in my creepy university house, my own home of 18 years wasn’t scary at all.

3.     Bugs. If I ever don’t live my mom I will need to live with someone that can get rid of spiders and anything else that may crawl, because I cannot.

4.     Something I learnt at uni but was reminded of is that cooking for one unless it’s beans on toast or pasta is near enough impossible, and expensive.

5.     Living alone does have its perks: walking around naked, can have people round whenever you want without bothering anyone else.

6.     Even at 21 I still need my mom more than anyone else. Despite managing to have a good week while she was away I missed her like crazy and was so glad to have her back.