1.     Not being thanked – manners cost nothing and when it comes to driving there are several ways of showing your thanks. When you’ve been let in front of someone, thank them!

2.     People not driving properly in the lane – you make me nervous and I’m not okay watching this.

3.     Swaying side to side – I don’t know what you’re doing that means you keep veering to each side but again you make nervous.

4.     Not indicating – the whole point of indicating is to tell other people what you are doing. Do it!

5.     People on their phones – it is illegal. Regardless. But most of the time they are driving terribly as well.

6.     Constant lane changing – I appreciate if you’re in a new area you won’t know the road layout, but if you keep zigzagging you are annoying.

7.     Stolen parking space – my sister and I park right outside our house, but we also live near a beautician, a takeaway, a co-op and a school so people often park outside our house too, but we live here so we call dibs. Please move.

8.     Someone too close behind – I go at the speed limit, so shoot me for not wanting a ticket. But driving that close behind me is dangerous and not going to make me go faster. Back off or go around me.